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A boutique koi farm in England - Kohaku Specialists

We are available for visits by appointment, or can offer delivery if that is preferred.

Small koi

These koi are within the best 5% of the spawning, and have made it through at least 3 separate hand grading selections before being made available for sale.  And, as a result you can see the superior patterns and in the Ogons, the 'metallic shine' that these small koi have.

Our availability and pricing is as follows:

Kohaku     Ogons
    Y                -             3-4 inch: 5 for £25, 10 for £40, 50 for £170
    Y                -             4-5 inch: 5 for £40, 10 for £70
    Y                Y            5-6 inch: 4 for £45, 8 for £85
    Y                Y            6-8 inch: 2 for £40, 4 for £70
    Y                Y            8-10 inch: 1 for £40, 2 for £70

To make your choice, simply use the drop down box in each option below to select the quantity and variety combination desired and then click through the buttons to add to cart etc.

Here's a video of a sample of our 6-8 inchers:  https://youtu.be/C7t7wRVeyCY

Delivery is automatically added.  Or, if you are collecting , use discount code ‘Collection’ during the checkout and arrange to visit by contacting Amanda on 07801 235952 / adambyer@yahoo.co.uk


  1. Adam what breeds will you be breeding this year mate

    1. Hi Richard, thanks for your question. This is an exciting year for us.. we will be breeding on a commercial scale in our expanded facilities :-) And, Kohaku lovers will have even more choice with our increased spawnings of that variety. But.. we are also breeding some other varieties this year.. We should have some Showa, and we will have a range of single colour metallic ('Ogons') and non-metallic ('Kawari') in the summer as fry and in the autumn as small koi. We have bought brood stock in some patterned metallic varieties too, so depending on how those spawnings go, we may well have some additional options for our customers too.

  2. can we not select the one we want like in the bowl selection last time?

    1. Hi Graham , the pricing allows for hand picking and that can be done during a visit , or many have us pick for them for boxes delivered . We can try and do something remotely for yourself and as you say , we do try this from time to time ! What size koi are you after ? Best thing is to give Amanda a call on 07801 235952 and we can work out how to do this for you ; or email her your number and she will call you back. Her email address is amandabyer@hotmail.co.uk