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Byer Koi Farm is a UK Koi Farm based in Hertfordshire. We sell Koi Carp, Koi Fry, Small Koi, Tosai and Nisai

Small koi

Small koi mixes for sale

These koi are within the best 5% of the spawning, and have made it through at least 3 separate hand grading selections before being made available for sale.  And, as a result these koi have superior patterns and quality compared to our basic koi range.

Our availability and pricing are based on taking a mix, and are as follows:


Available now                                             2-3 inch: 10 for £30, 20 for £50, 50 for £95, 100 for £145
Available now                                             3-4 inch: 5 for £30, 10 for £45, 25 for £95, 100 for £285
Available now - on site only currently        4-5 inch: 5 for £45, 10 for £70, 25 for £140, 100 for £425
Available now - on site only currently        5-6 inch: 3 for £50, 5 for £75, 10 for £135, 25 for £260
Sold out.  Next available Autumn '21         6-8 inch: 1 for £40, 2 for £70, 3 for £90, 10 for £225, 20 for £380

Assume a random mix from the available varieties, or let us know your mix preferences and we will help as best we can.

Varieties in the 2-3 inch mix as at Aug '21 are:
Showa, Shiro Utsuri, Hi Utsuri, Doitsu Chagoi, Doitsu Karashigoi, Benigoi, Kohaku, Asagi, Aka Matsuba and a few others in small numbers.

Varieties in the 3-4 inch mix as at Sep '21 are:
As per the pictures; taken 19th Sep.  Showa, Shiro Utsuri, Doitsu Chagoi, Chagoi, Karashigoi, Matsuba's and a few others in small numbers

For 4-5 and 5-6 inchers, we have availability now mainly in doitsu varieties including chagoi and various patterned variations.  We also have some kohaku and showa.  Being sold on site only, currently (as at mid Sep '21) on a pick your own basis.

Please don't hesitate to contact Amanda if you have any questions or would like to purchase.

Amanda is available on 07801 235952 / amandabyer@hotmail.co.uk