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Byer Koi Farm is a UK Koi Farm based in Hertfordshire. We sell Koi Carp, Koi Fry, Small Koi, Tosai and Nisai


Bio security at Byer Koi Farm

Byer Koi Farm is a UK based, CEFAS authorised, koi farm.  We breed our own koi from a small contingent of Japanese koi that we use as our brood stock.

Bio security is central to everything we do at Byer Koi Farm, and we operate a bio secure site.  That means we have controls in place that help prevent serious fish diseases including notifiable diseases like KHV from entering our koi farming operations on site.  And, as a CEFAS authorised koi farm we also host visits from CEFAS twice a year where they check for signs of notifiable diseases like KHV.

These bio security controls help to protect our brood stock, the koi we breed and the koi we sell.

Bio security starts with us quarantining all koi that enter our site, in a designated quarantine tank in a separate quarantine building, where we stress test the koi together with a naive koi using the heat ramping technique with at least 2 cycles.  On each cycle, once the koi have been stressed, they are then held at the target temperature to out KHV should it be there.

I do feel for the koi being stress tested in our quarantine process, and I’m sure there’s been the odd one that has never forgiven me for it!  But by taking great care to quarantine the koi entering our site, it helps to protect all the koi we breed and sell from our site.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our bio security or any other aspects of Byer Koi Farm.