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Byer Koi Farm is a UK Koi Farm based in Hertfordshire. We sell Koi Carp, Koi Fry, Small Koi, Tosai and Nisai

Just 2 more ponds to harvest !

Production is almost complete for 2020... After a tough start , our growing tanks are now full for the winter !  Along side 3 kohaku lines and 1 showa line ... we also have a range of metallics , ochiba, single colour and ... a few shusui!  We also have a second doitsu metallic line still to harvest , and a sample from a 4th kohaku line too.

For those who’ve not visited, or haven’t visited for some time , here’s a birds eye view video of our fry ponds ...


Other news ...

2-3 inch mixes will become available from next week :-) They’ll comprise metallics , chagoi , ochiba , kohaku , ogons. A great mix !