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Byer Koi Farm is a UK Koi Farm based in Hertfordshire. We sell Koi Carp, Koi Fry, Small Koi, Tosai and Nisai

my new little kohaku's

Finishing off the harvest this morning, by emptying the pond.  The fry will collect in the sink area, and we'll pull them out with a pan net.

The fry harvested yesterday have settled in well.  There are a few insects - I don't know what their proper name is, but they look beetle like.  Saw them attacking the fry this morning!  Amanda took a couple of hundred out last night, and we'll evict the others today.

Here's the haul from yesterday

And some close ups  - wonder where there's a future Grand Champion here :-)   (one has to dream....).  These are pics straight from the harvested koi - no selection has taken place yet.  What you see, is what I've got!

Check out the beetle like thing - top left.  Those things are having a go at my fry!

Becoming accustomed to their new food.