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almost finished the vortex tank now...

.. found these last night.  All around the 3 inch mark.

The kohaku on the righ interests me.  the red on the head is a different intensity to the red on the body, which I think is probably a development risk.  the pattern is angular, and I'm not sure how that will look once the fish grows.

Front half is great; rear half, terrible!  The only reason I've hung onto this one is because there's some underlying red on the rear half - and this kohaku will be transformed if it comes through.  I suspect it won't though - but worth a punt.

clean fins and pattern potential .  I have other superior tancho, but will hang onto this one until it's much larger.  It's so difficult to get a koi like that, and the skin shines bright.  Quality of the red on the two kohaku on the right is ok but I have others with superior sashi and kiwa at this size.  Lets see how they get on.

Finished the vortex tank off this evening, which is good job done; pics to follow when I get a chance over the next few days.