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A boutique koi farm in England - Kohaku Specialists

We are available for visits by appointment, or can offer delivery if that is preferred.

Small koi

These koi are within the best 5% of the spawning, and have made it through 3 separate hand grading selections before being made available for sale.  And, as a result you can see the superior patterns these small koi have.

Prices as follows:
3-4 inch (@April ‘18 Sold out; new stock expected autumn ‘18): 5 for £25, 10 for £40, 50 for £170
4-5 inch: 5 for £40, 10 for £70
5-6 inch: 4 for £45, 8 for £85
6-8 inch: 2 for £40, 4 for £70

You can check availability or arrange your visit by contacting Amanda on 07801 235952 / amandabyer@hotmail.co.uk

Or, purchase the fish with delivery via the online shop listings below.

Feeding your small koi a nutritious food will aid their development, and we can supply the same food that we use ourselves; it’s a special mix that meets the needs of young and developing koi that holds a high protein content and is also highly digestible. And, formed into pellets that are the perfect size for these young koi.  You can add this food to your order, by selecting the 'growth mix' on our 'top ups' sales page.

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