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Many thanks to Bernie Woollands, for publishing my article in the South East Koi Club's e-zine 'Hotspot', in issue 105. And giving me permission to share this with you on my blog.

Here's a link to the whole e-zine:  Hotspot , issue 105

The article tells the story of how I ended up winning the Baby Champion award at the 2016 All England Koi Show with a koi that I bred in my back garden.  I also had the honour of the front cover photograph too - which shows a picture of my daughter helping me pack up at the end of a koi show.

Koi Mag articles

Many thanks to Koi Mag for giving me permission to publish my older articles from the magazine.


A 2 part series on hobbyists first time experiences at koi shows:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Write up of my winter project 2011, which was growing some inch long koi on in an indoor aquarium:

Pond of the pond:

Moving house:


An article about pond automation, titled "Automatic for the people"

A koi development project I wrote up into 4 parts, titled "Talent Spotting":

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Attending my first harvest at Cuttlebrook Koi Farm:


A 2 part series on redeveloping a pond we inherited after moving house, titled "Taking the plunge"

Redeveloping my pond, part 1

Redeveloping my pond, part 2:


  1. Good to see your progress. Nice blog. More please :)

  2. Thanks Dawn. Ive enjoyed recording the project in this way, and its great to hear you are enjoying it. I am about half way through the fry stage, and have started to wean the kohakus onto fry food and in a few weeks they should be onto a small grower pellet. This is still new territory for me but from one inch long i can draw on my experience from my aquarium project last year (i wrote an article on it-its on the blog). I will raise the 1 inch fry in a vat in the polytunnel to make best use of the warmer temps in there.

  3. Hi
    Thanks foe sharing them but this article is not available:

    Redeveloping my pond, part 1:

    1. Hi Reza, thanks for the heads up. I've replaced the link, and it should work now.