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Setting up to spawn my remaining females

The shiro's didnt spawn; gave them two days, but nothing.  It was a long shot, but worth a go and it's useful intel for next year.  Onto the next ones - I have the yamabuki and shusui females ready , and I am looking for another female to give me an alternative option too.  To prepare for potentially 3 spawnings this weekend, Amanda and I erected another bestway tank this evening.

That gives me a third spawning tank, and - planning for a successful harvest in September, I'll need the extra tank space to take the fry.

It's going to be another busy weekend on the project, and it's fingers crossed time that these next spawnings turned out well.  I've put extra time into sterilising the tanks, and preparing the water with aeration rather than chemical dechlorinator.  The temperatures are much better for spawning than they were during the week.  The females are looking ready.  It should all be fine.

The fry ponds are coming on nicely, cycling through the green stage.  Just need some newly hatched koi fry to put in them!


  1. Hi Adam,

    Do you put new water in the spawning tanks? I normally just pump water out the pond and let them get on with it.

    Of course I'm normally quite pleased when I get bad eggs, lol, as I don't want many. This year I let them flock spawn and didn't have very many bad eggs at all. Happy the Koi ate all the good eggs......

    Might raise a few next year,
    Keep posting it's good to see someone else having a go


  2. Hi Dave. Thanks for your comment, and also glad to hear of another hobbyists breeding koi. I use fresh water from the tap in the spawning vats, to reduce pollutants and any nasties that might be lurking undetected in the pond. Obviously the water needs dechlorinating - and I've either left it with an airstone for a day or two, or if I've been tight on time then I've used dechlorinator. A couple of hours ago I set up 3 more spawnings, and I've used water from the tap again - but no dechlorinator this time. just air stone, and 48 hours. that also allows temperatures in all the tanks to equalise - both the spawning vats, and a few vats of spare water I have nearby for water changes. Raising the kohaku fry has been very satisfying, and well worth a go. It's hard work, but I highly recommend it